JML Doctor Power Magic Eraser Sponge

JML Doctor Power Magic Eraser Sponge

JML Doctor Power Magic Eraser is an eco friendly cleaning sponge which cleans grime, dirt and stains from almost any surface without the use of detergents.

The Doktor Power Magic Eraser from JML is a sponge cleaning block which when used with water will clean most surfaces. The Magic Eraser is a cheap and eco friendly way to remove those stubborn stains.

Found dirt on a painted surface? No problem! The Doktor Power Magic Eraser can be used on a variety of surfaces without causing damage including; wood, chrome and vinyl, with the Magic Eraser there is no need for harsh chemicals for cleaning, it'll simply rub it off without damaging surfaces.

Detergents can be expensive and need constantly replacing, The Doktor Power Magic Eraser can be rinsed and dried off after use, once dried and it can be re-used again, saving you money on detergents and giving you a better cleaning experience! 

Just add water

No harsh chemicals or detergents are needed with the eco-friendly Doktor Power Magic Eraser, Once water is added it's super cleaning power is activated and it can get to work removing those stubborn stains, Once finished just rinse, dry and re-use again and again!


Cut it down to size

Cleaning in awkward spaces and crannies couldn't be easier, The Magic Eraser comes in a block measuring (32 x 13 x 4cm), Too big for where you need to clean? don't worry you can simply cut how much you need from the Doktor Power Magic Eraser to tackle any awkward shaped objects or spaces.

Cleans almost any surface

Some chemicals get rid of stains very well but then damage the surface too, The Doktor Power Magic Eraser doesn't do this as it doesn't use any detergents, The sponge material is soft and does not damage surfaces.


  • Brand: JML
  • Type : Detergent free cleaning sponge
  • Dimensions: 32 x 13 x 4cm
  • Weight 100g
  • Part No.


The JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser. can be used on all sorts of surfaces including metal, vinyl, paintwork, chrome, tiles, plastics, and more. Please test a small area before use. Not recommended for use on surfaces that are dark, polished, glossy or varnished

In the box

  • 1 x JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser.

Additional Information

Keep out of reach of children.
Always test on a small inconspicuous area first with light pressure to ensure surface is suitable for cleaning with this product. Not recommended for use on surfaces that are dark, polished, glossy or varnished. Always store in a cool dry place. Do not use with chlorine bleach or other cleaning products. If using on cutlery or dishes always rinse them thoroughly after use.

Safety information
In case of contact with eyes, wash eyes for a minimum of 15 minutes with eyelid being held open. If irritation persists seek medical advice

Operating Instructions

Simply cut the JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser block to your required shape and size with scissors or a knife, rinse under a tap and you’re ready to go.

Delivery, Help & Advice

The Doktor Power Magic Eraser is usually dispatched within 24 hrs for delivery with 3-5 working days.
Need it Fast. use our new 24hr Tracked Express delivery service.
(this service can be used for multiple items up to 30KG)
To establish the delivery cost of this item / multiple items add to the shopping cart to check the delivery price.
Need further advice please contact our customer service on  Tel 0191 415 1333

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