Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels

Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels

Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels 

Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels work by reflecting the heat from the back of your radiator back into your room and reducing the amount of energy used to heat the wall behind the radiator.

Using Heatkeeper Radiator Reflectors will also help keep the water inside the radiator hotter which when returned to the boiler reduces the need for heating up.

Heatkeeper Radiator Reflectors saw tooth design increases air turbulence and circulation while distributing the hot air across the room, improving the warmth of the room.

Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels are strong, flexible and durable allowing for minimal damage for when installing, once fixed to a flat surface the Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels will start saving you money from the moment you turn on your heating!
Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels  are designed with a saw tooth profile which helps to reflect the heat back into the room.
Each Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panel generates an air gap between the panel and the wall which creates a thermal insulating barrier, reducing heat loss from the radiator through the exterior wall. The Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector insulation panels are made from clear PVC that has n metallised surface which reflects any infra-red heat back into the room.
Each panel measures 580mm high x 450mm wide x 8mm deep and can fit behind any radiator where the gap between wall and radiator is larger than 20mm.


Up to 20% of your radiator heat can be lost through the back wall, wasting fuel and adding unnecessary money onto your heating bills. Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels help reflect this heat back into the room allowing for even distribution of warm air throughout the room. 
By fitting Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels you will instantly start saving on your heating costs.

Your room will heat up quicker and the boiler doesn't need to heat up the water as much saving you money and energy.
Heatkeeper Radiator Reflectors are recommended by The Energy Savings Trust.

Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels Feature

  • Evenly distributes heat across the room preventing cold spots
  • Reduces heat loss through the back wall
  • Saves up to 20% on your heating costs
  • Metallised surface allows for infra-red heat to be reflected
  • Allows for rooms to heat up faster
  • Any discolouring from the radiator can be reduced
  • Recommended by The Energy Saving Trust


  • Brand: Lake Manufacturing Ltd
  • Type : Heatkeeper radiator reflectors
  • Dimensions:580mm high x 450mm wide x 8mm deep
  • Weight: 100g per Heatkeeper panel (approx)


  • Heatkeeper Radiator Reflectors are designed to be fitted behind your radiator to distribute heat evenly across the room, they are recommended only for use with hot water heating systems 
  • To install follow the fitting instruction leaflet included in the Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector packs, 
  • If you're installing with DURAGRIP spines refer to the fitting method included in your pack

Additional Information

  • Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels comply with all required BS fire and safety requirements applicable within the EU. Class 1 surface spread of flame when tested in accordance with BS476 (Part 7: 1971, section 2) Heatkeeper Radiator Reflectors are accredited by Ofgem for EEC schemes.
  • Clean your radiators and panels before installing Heatkeeper Radiator Reflectors, this allows for optimal heat reflection, this can be ensured by using a radiator brush which are available to purchase.
  • It is recommended that the Heatkeeper Radiator Reflector Panels are installed on a flat smooth surface, any rough, wood chipped or bricked surfaces may require an additional adhesive, we recommend the Bison construction adhesive which is available to purchase.

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In The Box

Pack SizeNumber Of PanelsRolls of Double-Sided TapeInstructions
551 x 25m roll1 x Booklet
10101 x 50m roll1 x Booklet
15151 x 25m roll, 1 x 50m roll1 x Booklet
20202 x 50m roll1 x Booklet
25251 x 25m roll, 2 x 50m roll1 x Booklet
30303 x 50m roll1 x Booklet

We can supply Heatkeeper panels in various pack sizes. Call us on: 01914151333 for a quote.

Optional Purchases

You can purchase the Bison super strength construction adhesive to use alongside the included double-sided tape for sticking Heatkeepers onto surfaces such as wood, brick, metal, plastic or walls which or flaking or uneven as the double sided tape may not stick correctly, this can be purchased with your order in the additional accessories menu
This Radiator Brush can be used to clean your radiators before you fit the Heatkeeper Radiator Reflectors as recommended, It can also be used to ensure your panels are clean during use for optimal effect, This can be purchased with your order in the additional accessories menu.
The new DURAGRIP spines come in a pack of 10 and are an easy-fitting method for installing Heatkeepers, instead of sticking the Heatkeepers onto the wall behind the radiator, the spines can hang from your radiator wall brackets,
The DURAGRIP spines are 300mm long, You will need approximately 3 to fit a 1000mm radiator
For more information
read our blog
You can purchase the spines with your order in the additional accessories menu
If you require more than 10 spines you can purchase more on the DURAGRIP Product page

Delivery, Help & Advice

The Heatkeeper Reflectors are usually dispatched within 24 hrs for delivery with 3-5 working days.
Need it Fast. Use our new 24hr Tracked Express delivery service.
(this service can be used for multiple items up to 15KG)
To establish the delivery cost of this item / multiple items add to the shopping cart to check the delivery price.
Need further advice please contact our customer service on  Tel 01914151333 or email us at 

Read Our Blog

"Heatkeeper Radiator Reflectors are profiled metalised PVC panels which can be fitted behind your radiator to reflect the heat from the back of the radiator back into the room, This reduces energy waste from the radiator as it prevents it from heating the wall behind.

Usually you can fit Heatkeepers to the wall behind the radiator with double sided tape but some people may find this quite difficult for multiple reasons... read more"

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